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What Do I Need To Know Before My Examination?

The new patient experience begins with a complimentary consultation. Sit down and have an in-depth health interview to determine if you are the right candidate for Foundational Correction. It’s a conversation, not a commitment.

If our Foundational Chiropractors determine we can help you, we begin with a Comprehensive Foundational Examination, which includes three objective measurements:

  • Digital Foundational Radiographs (Upper Cervical x-rays- the blueprint that is needed to analyze the Foundational Shift)
  • Infrared Foundational Scan (IFS – detects nerve irritation)
  • Multi-Axial Foundational Analysis (MAFA – a bilateral weight measurement and biomechanical analysis)

The Comprehensive Foundational Examination is not only designed to detect Foundational Shifts, but allows for a better understanding of NORMAL and a complete understanding of the underlying cause of your condition. After your examination, you will be scheduled for a test correction followed by a conference where we will explain our objective findings, how we can help you, and how things work if you should decide to work with our practice.

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