What You Should Know About Facet Joint Syndrome

Facet joint syndrome is a common cause of neck pain and lower back pain. In addition, facet joint syndrome can cause chronic neck and back conditions, leading to other disabling severe symptoms.

A specific condition known as cervical facet joint syndrome is characterized by pain and stiffness in the cervical spine region. Patients can gain relief from chiropractic care and other types of treatment.

Let’s define cervical facet joint pain

The spine comprises a set of bones aligned in chained form. This set of bones is known as vertebrae. Each vertebra has two facet joints on the back and a disc on the front. This helps the vertebrae to stack neatly on each other, ultimately providing stability for the whole body.

Facet joints are synovial joints. They are prone to injury or inflammation like other joints in the body. Injury or inflammation of the facet joint can cause stiffness and pain. Here’s the thing — pain in the cervical facet joint is a pain in the neck. This means that the joints in your neck have become inflamed or injured. This pain can make it difficult to turn your head from side to side or to move your head up and down.

Your cervical facet joints never stop working. The motion of the cervical facet joint is constant and repetitive; over time, it can become worn or torn down. Problems within the cervical facet joint can cause restriction of movement or cause the joint to have too much movement, thus leading to pain.

What are the symptoms of facet joint syndrome?

The symptoms vary from patient to patient. A patient may experience one or several symptoms, including:

  • Decreased flexibility and range of motion in the neck

  • Tenderness and swelling at the site of inflammation

  • Pain between the scapula (shoulder blades)

  • Neck pain

  • Weakness, pain, or tingling in the hand and arm

Chiropractic for cervical joint pain

Chiropractors have had tremendous success in treating pain in the cervical joint. They can manipulate the affected areas, restoring the affected facet joints to a pain-free state where they can move much easier. Regular chiropractic treatments can restore a normal range of motion in the neck area. Of course, no medications or injections are used in all these. It is a gentle, natural, and very effective method that relieves pain and helps the patient to live a better life.

Dr. Brett Berner reviewing a patient’s thermographic spinal analysis

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