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Top Low Carb Breakfast Options for Keto

Are you contemplating what to eat for breakfast while on a keto, low-carb diet? Well, the truth is you’re not alone. Many people struggle with what to eat for a low-carb breakfast.

Switching to a low-carb meal plan may involve making drastic changes to your meal choice and eating habits. And with regards to breakfast, you’ll certainly have issues deciding what to eat when conventional breakfast options like muffins, toast, pancakes, and cereals are deleted from the menu.

To succeed, you’ll have to be creative, which can be tiring at the initial stage.

Is breakfast important?

There’s the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But is it true? Can you skip breakfast if you don’t feel like eating?

Well, here’s the thing — the best way to decide whether you should have breakfast or not is by paying attention to your body.

Do you feel hungry? Then, by all means, eat.

If you’re not hungry, then don’t force yourself to eat.

If you aim to lose weight, then eat only when you are hungry; if you don’t feel hungry in the morning, then fast. This will promote fat burning. You can eat your breakfast later or maybe eat lunch instead.

Waiting for lunch could be the best option because you get to skip one meal and reduce your calorie intake throughout the day.

When is a low-carb breakfast said to be healthy?

If you usually feel hungry in the morning, then you must make healthy breakfast choices.

Your morning meal should contain some protein. A protein-rich breakfast helps with weight loss, energy levels, and blood sugar function.

When you eat plenty of protein at breakfast, you’ll feel full for a longer time, and your energy and blood sugar level will be stabilized. This helps with weight loss.

Protein-rich foods like bacon, eggs, baked goods, and pulled pork are low-carb and make for healthy low-carb breakfast options.

Here are some great recipes for your low-carb breakfast:

1. Low-carb waffles: made with baking powder, milk, almond or coconut flour, whole egg, and egg whites.

2. Spinach, chorizo omelet, and goat cheese: ingredients include butter, eggs, chorizo sausage, spinach, goat cheese, salsa verde, and avocado (optional).

3. Low-carb egg breakfast bake with peppers and sausage: red and green bell pepper, spike seasoning, olive oil, mozzarella, black pepper, pork breakfast sausage, or turkey with pasture-raised eggs.

4. Bacon pancakes: full-fat sour cream (optional), gelatin, chives, unsalted butter, egg whites, coconut flour, bacon.

5. Sausage and eggs to go: salt, green onions, eggs, sausage.

6. Apple with cinnamon almond butter: cinnamon, almond butter, one apple.

7. Smoked salmon baked eggs in avocado:fresh dill, chili flakes, black pepper, eggs, salt, smoked salmon, avocado.

8. Bacon, tomato salad, egg, and avocado: pepper, salt, bacon (optional), lemon, tomatoes, avocado, and eggs.

9. Bacon and eggs: Try to only buy “pasture-raised” eggs and get your bacon from a local farmer or butcher.

10.Coconut chia pudding: honey, full fat or coconut milk, chia seeds.

Takeaway — Every meal is important, not just breakfast

The various low-carb breakfast options listed above are loaded with healthy fats and protein and will keep you full for hours.

You can make things easier by cooking in excess at dinner and then heat the excess for your morning breakfast.

It is worth knowing that there are endless possibilities for healthful, low-carb breakfasts and even lunch/dinners. So, you’ll have no trouble finding the appropriate meal for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


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