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Thermal Imaging: A Game-Changer in Objective Patient Testing

The most vulnerable region of your spine is the juncture where your head meets your neck. Prolonged stress or injury to the muscles and ligaments supporting this region can lead to a condition referred to as a Foundational Shift, characterized by a misalignment of the upper neck vertebrae. This condition can have repercussions on the neck and the entire body through its impact on the nervous system. The cervical spine safeguards the essential components of the nervous system that transmit signals throughout our entire body, making the upper cervical spine the key to achieving optimal health.

The assessment of upper cervical spine function has advanced significantly with the integration of full-spectrum infrared technology. Chiropractic practitioners have relied on Thermography for over a century to evaluate spinal neurological function. Thanks to MyoVision, Foundation Chiropractic Lutz now possesses the capability not only to identify underlying causes but also to visualize their effects on the entire body.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is an impartial and non-intrusive tool or apparatus used to evaluate the comprehensive performance of the nervous system.

How is Thermal Imaging applied in upper cervical chiropractic?

Upper cervical chiropractors specialize in diagnosing and treating issues related to the upper cervical region.

Digital infrared Thermography is a diagnostic tool that provides insights into the body’s temperature.

Anomalies in temperature often signal underlying problems within the central nervous system. When an issue with the upper cervical region is identified, these chiropractors work to correct vertebral misalignments. This initiates a healing process within the body, ultimately restoring proper nervous system function.

To assess the restoration of normal function in the realigned bones and central nervous system, the specific chiropractor utilizes digital infrared Thermography to monitor the spine’s temperature.

Dr. Brett with a patient during a Thermal Imaging Examination

Thermal Imaging significantly enhances the capability to pinpoint the fundamental causes of various chronic health conditions. Early detection of such conditions plays a pivotal role in their effective management.

Is Thermal Imaging safe?

Thermal Imaging offers several notable advantages:

1. Non-Emission: It doesn’t emit any substances into the body; instead, it solely detects outgoing heat.

2. Pregnancy-Friendly: Safe for use during pregnancy.

3. Pediatric and Newborn Approved: Suitable for infants and children.

4. Swift and Pain-Free: A quick and painless procedure.

5. Non-Intrusive: It doesn’t require invasive measures.

6. Radiation-Free: Completely devoid of radiation exposure.

If you’re dealing with any chronic health problem, are exploring treatment options, and are interested in determining your eligibility for Thermal Imaging, please contact Foundation Chiropractic at (813) 578–5889. We eagerly anticipate assisting you in your journey toward safe and natural healing, free from needing medications or surgical intervention.


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