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Class IV Cold Laser Therapy in Upper Cervical Chiropractic (Benefits & More)

Upper cervical chiropractors constantly seek avenues to enhance the quality of care we offer by incorporating modern technologies such as class 4 laser therapy. Despite the fact that the employment of class 4 lasers for therapeutic purposes is not a recent development (having received FDA clearance in 2003), it remains unfamiliar to a significant number of our patients. This piece will delve into the rationale behind our utilization of class 4 laser therapy, its applications in treatment, anticipated outcomes, and associated expenses.

Dr. Brett with a patient during a class IV laser therapy session

Class 4 laser therapy might appear advanced, but it has evolved into a conventional practice for numerous musculoskeletal injuries. This therapy employs precise wavelengths of light, namely red and near-infrared, to induce therapeutic outcomes. The light emitted by the laser fosters the activation of particular processes within the body, which contribute to alleviating symptoms like pain, inflammation, and restricted range of motion.

Utilizing Class IV Laser Therapy also heightens the speed and excellence of tissue restoration, enhances muscle functionality, expedites recovery, and mitigates discomfort.

The Summit and Pinnacle Laser Series from Aspen Laser embody their namesakes by epitomizing the present zenith of laser therapy standards. This is precisely why, at Foundation Chiropractic in Lutz, we integrate these systems into our practices.

These pioneering setups, a result of extensive research and development, employ a straightforward handheld device to administer targeted Class IV Laser Therapy. This localized and region-specific approach enables precise treatment of distinct bodily areas.

As scientific and technological advancements in laser therapy have undergone swift progress in recent years, the significance of Class IV Laser Therapy as an efficient and minimally invasive treatment modality has also grown.

Gradually evolving into a standard complement to numerous treatment protocols, Class IV Laser Therapy is reshaping the healthcare landscape by enhancing clinical outcomes and expediting the recuperative journey.

How does it work?

The laser wavelength utilized in Class 4 laser therapy possesses a superior capacity to deeply and efficiently penetrate tissues compared to the Class 3 laser. This enables the rapid transmission of energy to nerve, muscle, ligament, and tendon tissues within a brief timeframe. In fact, the majority of sessions fall within the 2–6-minute range, enabling the treatment of injured tissue in multiple areas during a single session, thereby enhancing outcomes.

Class 4 laser therapy instigates the augmentation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, a vital driver of numerous intracellular processes. This heightened ATP generation expedites the cellular healing mechanisms. Consequently, patients witness symptom amelioration, encompassing diminished pain, swelling, and improved range of motion. Naturally, the laser’s comforting warmth contributes to the overall experience as well.

Therapeutic benefits of class IV cold laser

In each comfortable treatment session, laser energy boosts circulation, attracting water, oxygen, and vital nutrients to the affected region. This fosters an ideal healing environment, leading to a decrease in inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness, and discomfort. As the injured area regains its normal state, functionality is reinstated, and pain is alleviated.

Our employment of class 4 laser therapy spans a variety of conditions, such as persistent knee pain or arthritis, enduring Achilles tendonitis, elbow discomfort or elbow tendonitis, and ongoing wrist pain. The versatility of class 4 lasers allows upper cervical chiropractors to address a wide array of injury sites and body extremities, granting relief to their patients.

Perhaps you’re curious about the sensation of receiving class 4 laser therapy. Many patients anticipate discomfort, yet they pleasantly discover that the experience yields a comforting warmth in the treated region, devoid of any pain. Class 4 lasers offer painless relief to a multitude of patients and can even be combined with other approaches like dry needling.


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